Geometry / Theoretical Physics

Geometry / Theoretical Physics Faculty

  • Professor of Mathematics

    Associate Chair of the Department of Mathematics

    Professor of Physics (Secondary)
    Research Interest:
    String theory is hoped to provide a theory of all fundamental physics encompassing both quantum mechanics and general relativity
  • Professor of Mathematics

    Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Mathematics
    Research Interest:
    Geometric analysis with applications to general relativity and the large-scale geometry of spacetimes
  • Benjamin Powell Distinguished Professor of Mathematics

    Professor of Mathematics

    Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

    Dean of Academic Affairs of Trinity College of Arts and Sciences

    Professor of Economics (Secondary)

    Bass Fellow
    Research Interest:
    Problems connected to the interplay of gravity and light (gravitational lensing, general relativity, astrophysics, cosmology)
  • Professor of Physics

    Professor in the Department of Mathematics (Secondary)
    Research Interest:
    String theory, the most ambitious attempt yet at a comprehensive theory of the fundamental structure of the universe