Past Honors Theses

Research that has not yet been published will not be linked.



  • Nadim Marwan Atalla: Saltation in the Presence of a Prevailing Wind 
  • Tianji Cai: Probing Quark-Gluon-Plasma Properties with a Bayesian Model-to-data Comparison 
  • Jordan Creswell Fleming: Blocking Sound Transmission Through a Wall of Oscillating Panels 
  • Hao Geng: A New Relation between Two Important Coupling Constants in Nuclear Physics in Large Nc Limit and Large Nc Analysis of Magnetic Radii of Proton and Neutron 
  • Akhil Ghanta: Geometric Manifestations of Detailed Balance 
  • Dean Samer Hazineh: The Applicability of Relativistic Fluid Dynamics in Heavy Ion Collisions 
  • Zhetao Jia: Design and Application of Acoustic Metamaterial Unit Cells with Uniform Transmission 
  • Kaitlin Paige McCreery: Fabrication and Electrical Measurement of Copper Sulfide Memristors 
  • Tamra Meron Nebabu: Toward Plasmonic Enhancement of Spontaneous Parametric Down Conversion 
  • Ji Won Park: The Impact of Atmospheric Turbulence on Telescope Images, as a Function of Wavelength: Comparison of Theory and Simulations 
  • Matthew Tyler Tobin: Improving Jet Mass and Transverse Momentum Calibration in the ATLAS Detector with Machine Learning Techniques