Profs. Teitsworth and Huffman's Course Evaluations Among Top 5%

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Congratulations to Profs. Stephen Teitsworth and Emilie Huffman whose course evaluations were among the top 5% of all undergraduate instructors at Duke for a medium class (20-59 students) in Fall 2015 for the course PHY 142 "General Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism" and its discussion sections. Eligibility for this recognition requires the completion of the instruction course description as well as receiving 5 or more student evaluations across all of the eligible courses in the term.

From Dean Lee Baker: "Your commitment to teaching, dedication to students, and creative approaches toward innovation or traditional methods of instruction have been recognized by your students through these course evaluations. Together with your students, we recognize the value of your dedication and applaud your efforts. Professors like you enable us to build upon our academic traditions by infusing instruction with a sense of dynamic engagement and inspired learning. We wish you continued success."

From Prof. and Chair of Physics Warren Warren: "A great department pays attention to research, teaching, and service.  Duke Physics has a tradition of excellence in teaching, acquired by hard work by many of my colleagues, and it is nice to see this recognized at the University level."