Profs. Barbeau and Scholberg Selected as “Snowmass” Frontier Conveners

Monday, January 27, 2020

The “Snowmass” study organized by the American Physical Society Division of Particles and Fields (DPF) is the long-term planning exercise of the U.S. High Energy Physics (HEP) Community, which takes place approximately once a decade. From the DPF newsletter (link: "Snowmass is an opportunity for the entire HEP community to come together to identify and document a vision for the future of particle physics in the U.S. and with its international partners. Workshops will be organized over the next year and a half, culminating in a 2021 summer study that pulls all the work together. Snowmass provides input to HEPAP through its prioritization panel, P5, ultimately producing advice on future projects and scientific programs to the agencies under a set of funding scenarios.”

Prof. Phil Barbeau has been named a Co-Convener of the Instrumentation Frontier Snowmass working group. Prof. Kate Scholberg has been named a Co-Convener of the Frontiers in Neutrino Physics Snowmass working group.  Along with their co-conveners, they will be coordinating HEP planning activities up to and including the 2021 Summer Study meeting.