2017 Graduate Student Awards

Wednesday, October 11, 2017
2017 Graduate Student Awards

The 2017 graduate student awards and fellowships were distributed before the October 11th Colloquium by Associate Chair for Teaching Prof. Steffen Bass. Congratulations to all recipients on their accomplishments and for each prestigious recognition.

The Henry W. Newson Graduate Fellowship
Ronald Malone is awarded the Henry W. Newson Graduate Fellowship Prize for his work in developing experimental techniques and systems for measuring neutron-neutron scattering in nuclei and for performing cross-section measurements of this process for neutron-induced breakup of the deuteron with sufficient accuracy to set new constraints on charge symmetry breaking in the nucleon-nucleon interaction. 

The Fritz London Graduate Fellowship
The Fritz London Graduate Fellowship Prize is awarded to Anne Draelos in recognition of her contributions to elucidating the nature of the induced superconductivity in graphene nanostructures.

The Fritz London Graduate Fellowship Prize is also awarded to Gu Zhang for his exceptional work in elucidating the response of quantum critical states to a dissipative environment and non- equilibrium driving, in particular for the demonstration that a quantum critical state can be rescued by quantum nose and for the first calculation of the nonlinear I-V curve at a quantum critical point.

The Townes/Perkins-Elmer Graduate Fellowship
The Townes/Perkin-Elmer Graduate Fellowship Prize is awarded to Moritz Binder in recognition of his contributions to the advancement of numerical techniques in quantum many- body physics, in particular, concerning the computation of precise spectral functions of strongly correlated one-dimensional and two-dimensional systems at finite temperature using matrix product state methods. 

The Mary Creason Memorial Award
The 2017 Mary Creason Memorial Award is bestowed to Ryan Kozlowski. This award was established to honor students who excel in teaching physics in the Introductory Physics Laboratories at Duke. Dr. Mary Creason was a Lecturer and coordinator of instructional laboratory activities in the department of Physics at Duke University until her untimely death in May 2007. Dr. Creason's passion for improving undergraduate education and graduate teaching assistant training is greatly missed by the Physics Department.

Pictured left to right are: Moritz Binder, Ryan Kozlowski, Anne Draelos, Gu Zhang, and Ron Malone | See more pictures on Flickr here.