2016 Graduate Student Awards

Saturday, August 20, 2016

​Hersh Singh and William Steinhardt have been awarded the 2016 Mary Creason Memorial Award for Undergraduate Teaching. This award was established to honor students who excel in teaching physics in the Introductory Physics Laboratories at Duke. Singh and Steinhardt were recognized certificates at the Physics Department annual picnic on Saturday, August 27, 2016. They also shared a monetary sum that comes with the award. Teaching in the introductory physics courses is a very important part of the teaching mission of our department.

The Walter Gordy Fellowship, funded by friends of Prof. Gordy, is intended to have a preference for students doing microwave research. Ruiyang Zhao, who is entering his 3rd year in our program in Fall 2016, worked for Prof. Chunlei Liu until this summer, when Liu moved to Berkeley; he is now working in the Warren group. Zhao's research involves magnetic resonance, including novel methods for investigating susceptibility tensors in vivo (with Liu) and methods for generating large hyperpolarization with small magnetic fields (with Warren).

The Robert C. Richardson Fellowship, funded by a generous donation from an anonymous supporter of the Department, is open to Physics graduate students in any subdiscipline. This year, it goes to Emilie Huffman, who is entering her 5th year in our program in Fall 2016. Emilie is working on the physics of quantum many-particle systems and plans to complete her Ph.D. in Spring 2018.

The Fritz London Graduate Fellowship was awarded to Leo Fang, a 6th year graduate student, for his outstanding contributions to our knowledge of correlations among photons caused by their interaction with two-level systems, including correlations produced by up to ten qubits, features of inelastic scattering caused by two-level systems in a semi-infinite waveguide, and quantitative study of the non-Markovian nature of these systems.

The Gordy, London, and Richardsion Fellowships were recognized with certificates presented by Prof. and Chair Warren S. Warren at the first Colloquium of the 2016/2017 academic year on Wednesday, September 21, 2016.

Congratulations on these outstanding achievements!