TNT Colloquium: "Low-energy limit of the O(4) quark-meson model"

Thursday, September 27, 2018 - 11:00am

Juergen Eser, Frankfurt University

We compute the low-energy limit of the O(4)-symmetricquark-meson model as an effective field theory for QuantumChromodynamics within the Functional Renormalization Group (FRG)approach [1]. In particular, we analyze the renormalizationgroup flow of momentum-dependent pion self-interactions beyond the localpotential approximation. The numerical results for these couplingsobtained from the FRG are confronted with a recent tree-level study [2].Additionally, their effect on the wave-function renormalization andthe curvature masses is investigated as well as preliminaryfunctional-QCD-enhanced results are presented.