Duke Physics Colloquium: The pressure distribution inside the proton

Wednesday, February 27, 2019 - 3:30pm

Latifa Elouadrhiri (Jefferson Lab)

"The pressure distribution inside the proton"

The origin of quark confinement is one of the most important questions in modern particle and nuclear physics because confinement is at the core of what makes the proton a stable particle and thus provides stability to the Universe. The internal quark structure of the proton is revealed by deeply virtual Compton scattering a process in which electrons are scattered off quarks inside the protons, which subsequently emit high-energy photons, which are detected in coincidence with the scattered electrons and recoil protons. I will report on the first measurement of the pressure distribution experienced by the quarks in the proton. This work opens up a new area of research on the fundamental gravitational properties of protons, neutrons and nuclei, which can provide access to their physical radii, the internal shear forces acting on the quarks and their pressure distributions.

Faculty host: Anselm Vossen

Refreshments will be available in room 130 before the event.

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Physics 130

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