PHY 765: Graduate Advanced Physics

This course introduces some advanced topics in quantum many body theory that a physics graduate student is expected to understand. This includes many body quantum mechanics in the Fock space formalism and introduces the basic concepts of quantum field theory. While most of the course deals with the Hamiltonian approach some connections to the Lagrangian formalism will be made. The course assumes an advanced knowledge of quantum mechanics and builds on the concepts that are necessary to understand various physical phenomena ranging from superfluidity, superconductivity and Magnetism. It also introduces the basics of gauge theory using the electro-magnetic field and its interaction with matter as an example.

General Information

Prerequisites: A solid foundation in Quantum Mechanics and Statistical Mechanics
Instructor: Shailesh Chandrasekharan, Room 253, Duke Phone: 660-2462,
Time and Place:
Office Hours/Help Room: Mondays 4:00-5:30pm (room 298)
Teaching Assistant

Yiannis Makris will be responsible for grading the homeworks. Given the limited time of TA help students should direct physics questions to the instructor and direct only grading related questions to the TA.


Unfortunately, there is no single textbook for the course. The material covered is based on self prepared lecture notes that will be distributed. However, much of the material covered can be found distributed in a number of textbooks. Some of these are given below.

It is also important to note that some of the material, especially in the beginning, is based on the professors belief on how one must understand the subject. Further the notation found in the above textbooks can be different from the notes.


Grades will be assigned according to the following weighted average:

Exam Schedule:
Grading Policy:

Homework Assignments

  • Problem set 1 (Due on 9/8/14)
  • Problem set 2 (Due on 9/15/14)
  • Problem set 3 (Due on 9/22/14)
  • Problem set 4 (Due on 9/29/14)
  • Problem set 5 (Due on 10/06/14)
  • Problem set 6 (Due on 10/20/14)
  • Problem set 7 (Due on 10/27/14)
  • Problem set 8 (Due on 11/10/14)
  • Problem set 9 (Due on 12/01/14)
  • Problem set 10 (Due on 11/17/14)
  • Problem set 11 (Due on 12/01/14)