I'm Professor Phil Barbeau @psbarbeau of Duke University. We build fancy particle detectors.

We play with neutrons, neutrinos and WIMPs...


Radioactivity Links

Useful Links in neutrino, nuclear and astroparticle Physics

National Nuclear Data Center

Particle Data Group

National Nuclear Data Center

Radioactivity Data. A reference for low-background experiments.

U and Th decay chains

Some useful numbers for radioactivity calculations.

The ILIAS material radioactivity database.

The NIST stopping power calculations for electrons, protons and alphas.

The NIST XCOM database for gamma interactions in matter.

Enrico Conti's' LXe page for dark matter and double beta decay experiments.

Statistics Links

Alan Poon's lectures on statistics in Nuclear and Particle Physics.

Glen Cowen's Computing and Statistical Data Analysis page.

EXO Links

The EXO-200 main page.

The EXO-200 Confluence page at SLAC.

The EXO-200 public page.

The EXO-200 ELOG page.