Lorentz violation in solar-neutrino oscillations

High-energy phenomenological and computational physics
Swarthmore College
January 2010 – May 2011

I conducted my undergraduate thesis research with Prof. Matthew Mewes at Swarthmore College. This was a mostly independent project in which I filled a gap in the theory of Lorentz-violating neutrino oscillations.


The most complete description of this project is my thesis (pdf). It's also available at Swarthmore Physics.

I gave a talk (pdf) at Swarthmore as a compliment to the thesis. I provide it here, but the reader should understand that it is necessarily incomplete.

Finally, I wrote a proceedings (arXiv link) and created a poster (pdf) for the CPT '10 conference at Indiana University. These documents were created before the research was complete, but they still provide a basic description.


Research description

Disclaimer: The following information is inevitably incomplete and oversimplified. A nice reference is the Wikipedia page on Lorentz-violating neutrino oscillations.

A few definitions are in order:

If Lorentz violation actually occurs, it could change the behavior of neutrino oscillations. In this project, I qualitatively and quantitatively described how Lorentz violation would specifically affect solar neutrinos, and how we can use experimental data to search for signs of Lorentz violation. This required both “pen-and-paper” calculations as well as computer simulations.

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