Calvin R. Howell

Professor of Physics

Office Location: 
221 Dfell, Durham, NC 27708
Front Office Address: 
Box 90308, Durham, NC 27708-0308
(919) 660-2632


Professor Howell is the Director of the Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory (TUNL). His research interests are the quantum chromodynamics (QCD) description of structure and reactions of few-nucleon systems, Big Bang and explosive nucleosynthesis, and applications of nuclear physics in biology, medicine and national security. His research includes: studies of few-nucleon reaction dynamics, measurements of the neutron-neutron scattering length, photodisintegration of the deuteron and beryllium at energies relevant to astrophysics processes, and studies of the carbon and nitrogen accumulation and translocation in plants using short-lived radioactive isotopes and positron emission tomography.

Education & Training

  • Ph.D., Duke University 1984

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