Welcome to the December Newsletter for Duke Physics

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


With this issue we are announcing Duke Physics' new online presence on what some term "the social web" - the collection of websites (like Facebook, Flickr, and LinkedIn) where hundreds of millions of people across the world connect through common interests. This type of online networking is important for Duke Physics, as the department's academic and professional connections are global in scope, and given our objectives of broadening awareness about the activities of the department. Our program offers a global community of physics-enthusiasts the chance to see some of our work, share professional opportunities, and learn about admissions and job opportunities. This month we've launched a Facebook page for Duke Physics and we've built a large collection of great images on the photo-sharing site Flickr - most of the photos have been shared by members of the Duke Physics community. In the story below we invite you to use the provided links to connect with us on Facebook and Flickr. Thanks and Stay in Touch!