Walter Lectures at the 2012 International Neutrino Summer School

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Prof. Chris Walter recently gave a set of lectures introducing the physics of atmospheric neutrinos at the fourth International Summer School on Neutrino Physics (INSS2012). This school aims to train the next generation of neutrino physicists, and the curriculum covers many topics: introductions to both the Standard Model and oscillation phenomenology, accelerator and reactor neutrinos, neutrino cross sections, and neutrinos in cosmology, just to name a few. The target audience consisted of graduate students and recent post-docs in both theory and experiment. It covers the full breadth of neutrino physics over all energy scales. There were formal lectures, but also multi-day tutorial sessions where the students worked on open-ended problems which they then presented to the other participants. Walter's lectures explained the unique features of atmospheric neutrinos along with how to use them to study neutrino oscillations at current and future experiments. Prof. Kate Scholberg was an organizer for the meeting and also acted as a tutor during the school. Graduate student Zepeng Li attended as a participant.