Update on Physics Department Habitat for Humanity Team

Friday, February 14, 2014

The Physics Department’s Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Team has had a successful start! Our first build took place on December 14, and we didn’t let the rain stop us! We met at Durham Habitat for Humanity’s warehouse and constructed the interior and exterior walls for one of Durham Habitat’s current building projects. Graduate student Sean Finch, Prof. Dan Gauthier, and Machine Shop Specialist Richard Nappi are pictured here with the build site manager and another volunteer.

Our second build came with nicer weather, and our volunteer team helped install all the windows in two houses on nearby construction sites. Richard Nappi is pictured here cutting the house’s insulation to make room for a window.

Graduate student Chris Pollard is pictured making preparations to install a window:

Graduate student Kristen Collar and visiting graduate student David Rosin are pictured here getting ready to work at higher levels!

Graduate students Forrest Friesen and Lou Isabella, as well as Lou’s wife, Erica, were also happy to help!

Everyone is looking forward to future builds!

Thank you to Bonnie Schmittberger for contributing this story.