Prof. Kruse Gives Public Talk to Packed Auditorium

Monday, August 27, 2012


On July 12, Prof. Mark Kruse gave a public lecture on "Why we care about the Large Hadron Collider" to an almost full 600+ capacity auditorium in Auckland, New Zealand. The poster for the talk, and a crowd shot are shown. The lecture generated a lot of excellent questions and kept Kruse busy for quite some time afterwards! Kruse's lecture was filmed and can be viewed online here. The lecture has also appeared on some blogs including Discover Magazine (includes photos) and The Jam Jar (includes a nice "notes" summary of the lecture). Kruse also co-organized a symposium at the University of Auckland after his public lecture titled "The LHC, Particle Physics, and the Cosmos" which brought both particle physicists and cosmologists together to talk about questions of the Universe that both fields can possibly work together on in finding answers.