Prof. Kotwal Speaks at New Physics Workshop and PASCOS2013

Monday, February 3, 2014

Prof. Ashutosh Kotwal was invited to speak at two venues recently, the Workshop on "The Energy Scale of New Physics" and the "Particles, Strings and Cosmology 2013" Conference.

In the post-Higgs Boson discovery era, the focus has increased on ideas to explore the open questions not answered by the Standard Model of particle physics. A big question of theoretical and practical interest is, what is the energy level at which the new symmetries or new dynamics are revealed. How can we get an estimate of this energy scale from precision measurements of known phenomena and look for deviations from Standard Model predictions? Prof. Kotwal presented some ideas and prospects from precision electroweak measurements at the "Energy Scale of New Physics" Workshop, help in Pittsburgh in November 2013.

Kotwal also gave a talk on "Searches for Beyond-Standard Model Higgs Bosons at ATLAS" at the PASCOS2013 Conference in Taipei, also in November. These studies at the ATLAS experiment at the LHC are motivated by more "natural" explanations of electroweak symmetry breaking, in which multiple Higgs Bosons occur.