Prof. Behringer to join AIP Advances

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Prof. Robert Behringer was invited to join the new journal AIP Advances. Prof. Behringer's article "Force chains in a two-dimensional granular pure shear experiment" was published in AIP's Chaos and was one of its monthly top 20 most-downloaded articles during 2010. The invitation to join Advances stated that without it "Chaos would not be one of the most highly cited journals in its field." Because of his work, they have invited him to submit his most current research to the first issue of their new journal, Advances.

In addition to promoting Prof. Behringer's work, AIP Advances will interview him and post a podcast on their website, along with a short bio. From the AIP Advances website:

AIP Advances is a fully open access, online-only community-led journal, covering all areas of applied physical science, including those topics not currently covered by the existing AIP journals. As an open access journal with advanced web 2.0 tools, the global research community will be able to find, share, evaluate, and discuss scientific research in new ways. AIP Advances puts relevant content and discussion tools in the hands of the community to shape the direction of the physical sciences.