Postdoc Simona Malace Receives JSA Fellowship Award

Monday, May 16, 2011

Simona Malace, a research scientist under Prof. Haiyan Gao stationed at Jefferson Lab, was the winner of the 2010 JSA Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Award. With this award she successfully organized the 3rd International Workshop on Nucleon Structure at Large Bjorken x.

Attendees of the 3rd International Workshop on Nucleon Structure at Large Bjorken x


The workshop Nucleon Structure at Large Bjorken x was held at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (Jefferson Lab) in Newport News, Virginia, during October 13-15, 2010. Funding for the workshop was provided by a generous grant from Jefferson Science Associates (JSA), awarded with the 2010 JSA Postdoctoral Prize to Simona Malace. Read the announcement on J Labs' site here. The workshop, attended by over 60 participants from 33 universities and research laboratories around the world, addressed the most recent experimental and theoretical advancements in our understanding of the nucleon structure at large Bjorken x. In particular, the central topic of the workshop was the description of nucleon structure in terms of parton distribution functions and transverse momentum distributions. This has become a very active area of research with the Jefferson Lab research program greatly contributing to a worldwide effort. The meeting was successful with an enthusiastic attendance and a fruitful exchange of  ideas. The proccedings of this workshop will be soon published by the American Institute of Physics. For more information please visit the HiX2010 webpage.