Members From Behringer Lab Present Work at March APS Meeting

Friday, March 21, 2014

The recent March APS meeting in Denver provided an excellent forum for seven undergraduates who have been working in the Behringer lab over the past year or more. Yaqi Hou, Melody Lim, Audrey Melville, Alec Petersen, Jenny Su and Jeremy Ward had talks in this meeting. Melody, Audrey, Alec and Jenny are Duke undergrads. And Melody, Audrey and Alec presented talks at the APS March 2014 meeting, in person. Yaqi is a visiting student from Shandong University, and Jeremy is from UNC. Two other undergrads, Yiqiu Zhao and Yuchen Zhao, also visiting from Shandong University, and Julia Rowe, visiting from Tufts University have carried out novel and independent research, and their work will be featured in future talks at APS meetings and elsewhere.

The March Meeting also featured work by Ph.D. students Abe Clark and Dong Wang, Duke post-docs Nicolas Brodu, Joshua Dijksman, and Jonathan Brodu, and recent Duke Ph.D. grads Somayeh Farhadi, Shomeek Mukhopadhyay, Jie Ren, Junyao Tang, as well as visiting Ph.D. scholar Hu Zheng. Lou Kondic, now professor of mathematics at NJIT, but formerly a post-doc at Duke was an important contributer to parts of this work, as were Duke Math professor, Tom Witelski and UNC faculty Richard Maclaughlin and Roberto Camassa. Jenny Su also had the opportunity to present her work at Dynamics Days, 2014 in Atlanta.

Collectively, there were nine talks at the March Meeting by these students, post-docs and former Duke students or postdocs, which include:

  • "Microscopic Order Parameter for Shear Anisotropy for Systems near Shear Jamming" - Robert Behringer, Dong Wang, Jie Ren, Joshua Dijksman
  • "Starch Suspensions with Different Fluids" - Melody Lim, Audrey Melville, Joshua Dijksman, Robert Behringer
  • "Effect of friction on shear jamming" - Dong Wang, Jie Ren, Joshua Dijksman, Robert Behringer
  • "Quantitative DEM of granular packings" - Nicolas Brodu, Joshua Dijksman, Robert Behringer
  • "Quantum Tunneling and Chaos in Classical Scale Walkers" - Jenny Su, Joshua Dijksman, Jeremy Ward, Robert Behringer
  • "The Role of Anisotropy in Hopper Flows" - Audrey Melville, Yaqi Hou, Junyao Tang, Joshua Dijksman, Robert Behringer
  • "Effect of Mach number on granular impacts" - Abe Clark, Alec Petersen, Lou Kondic, Robert Behringer
  • "Imaging Forces in a Three-Dimensional Granular Material" - Joshua Dijksman, Nicolas Brodu, Hu Zheng, Robert Behringer
  • "Collisional Model for Granular Impact Dynamics" - Alec Petersen, Abram Clark, Robert Behringer
  • "Collapse Dynamics in Rotating Thin Films" - Shomeek Mukhopadhyay, Joshua Dijksman, Richard Maclaughlin, Roberto Camassa, Robert Behringer
  • "Diffusion in linearly sheared granular packing" - Joshua Dijksman, Jie Ren, Robert Behringer
  • "Shear Jamming for Slippery Granular Particles" - Dong Wang, Joshua Dijksman, Jie Ren, Robert Behringer
  • "Imaging Forces on Stressed Spheres" - Nicolas Brodu, Joshua Dijksman, Hu Zheng, Robert Behringer
  • "Microscopic Order Parameter for Shear Anisotropy for Systems near Shear Jamming" - Jie Ren, Joshua Dijksman, Robert Behringer
  • "Granular Impact: Predicting Dynamics with a Collisional Model" - Abe Clark, Alec Petersen, Robert Behringer