Highlights of Undergraduate Achievements

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Recently many Duke Physics undergraduates have received awards and recognition for their work. Here is a list of some of the latest achievements: Farzan Beroz, a junior physics major, got an honorable mention for the Goldwater Award, an impressive academic achievement nationwide. Vivek Bhattacharya recently won a prestigious national Goldwater Fellowship which gave him national publicity. He is doing interesting research in theoretical nuclear particle physics with Prof. Steffen Bass, and he is doing a double major (two BS degrees) in economics and physics, with a long term interest in economics.

Ariana Minotreceived an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, a very prestigious award. She has also applied to twenty schools and "received a healthy mix of acceptances."

Karthik Seetheram, a Pratt student senior who has a double major with Physics, got an NSF award for graduate study in applied physics. He will be going to Caltech's Physics Department next fall.

Siyuan Sun, a physics senior, has done an outstanding physics thesis in experimental particle physics (with Prof. Ashutosh Kotwal), got into all the top graduate schools in the country, and will be going to Harvard next year.

Ken Wong recently received Dean's funds for summer research.