Graduate Student News - Research Awards

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Two graduate students at Duke have recently been named recipients of prestigious research awards at Duke Physics. Seth Henshaw was named the latest recipient of the 2009 Newson Graduate Fellowship for his PhD thesis work at TUNL. Phillip Wu has been awarded the 2009 Fritz London Graduate Fellowship for his work in the field of low temperature physics.

Henshaw Receives Newson Fellowship Seth Henshaw is the latest recipient of the Henry W. Newson Graduate Fellowship, established to honor the founder and first director of the Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory (TUNL). For his PhD thesis, Henshaw is using the High Intensity Gamma-ray Source at TUNL to study photonuclear reactions by studying the nuclear system's reaction to electromagnetic stimuli.  His advisors are Professors Mohammad Ahmed and Henry Weller.

Wu Receives Fritz London Graduate Fellowship Phillip Wu was awarded the Fritz London Graduate Fellowship, which is given each year to a graduate student demonstrating excellence in research and course work in the field of low temperature physics. Wu measures charge and spin transport through novel structures and materials at cryogenic temperatures in the lab of his advisor, Professor Albert Chang. He uses electron beam lithography techniques to fabricate structures such as nanometer-sized boxes ("quantum dots") and constrictions ("quantum point contacts") in semiconductor two-dimensional electron gases. Phillip is also involved in the study of a new iron-based superconductor, a project in collaboration with the Superconductivity Lab at the Academia Sinica in Taiwan.