Goshaw Gave Talk at APS Frontiers in Optics Meeting

Friday, October 19, 2012

On October 15 Prof. Al Goshaw gave a plenary talk at the APS Frontiers in Optics meeting  in Rochester (see the announcement and links to the meeting below).  It turned out to be quite a hit. Goshaw arrived at the meeting passing through the crowds like a neutrino, and after his talk was stopped  continually for follow up questions (a real life Higgs phenomena).

Higgs Boson Researcher Al Goshaw to Speak at Frontiers in Optics 2012 Plenary Session

WASHINGTON, Aug. 17, 2012—Al Goshaw, a James B. Duke Professor at Duke University in North Carolina, will give a keynote presentation at the plenary session of the Optical Society’s (OSA) Annual Meeting, Frontiers in Optics (FiO) 2012, taking place in Rochester, N.Y., Oct. 14-18. Goshaw is a member of one of the two independent research teams that announced the likely discovery of the elusive Higgs boson particle last month. Goshaw’s presentation, titled “The History of the Higgs boson and recent discoveries at the CERN Large Hadron Collider,” will take a look back at the nearly 50-year hunt for the “God particle” and the experiments by ATLAS and CMS that ultimately allowed researchers to present evidence for the production of a new massive boson that is a strong candidate for the Higgs particle.