Former Postdoc Now at Thomas Jefferson Lab

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dr. Yi Qiang, a former postdoc at Duke Physics, submitted the following update.  Dr. Qiang is now at Thomas Jefferson Lab. Dr. Yi Qiang is a staff scientist of Hall D at Thomas Jefferson Lab, a national nuclear research facility.  He is an expert of exotic hadronic states, nucleon spin structure, tests of QCD, polarized ³He target and the detector system for nuclear and particle physics. Dr. Qiang received his B.S. degree in physics from USTC, China, and was awarded the highest honor of USTC, the Guo Moruo fellowship.  He obtained his Ph.D. degree in physics from MIT under the supervision of Prof. William Bertozzi by studying the photo-production of five-quark baryon states.   He is the winner of the SURA graduate student fellowship. Dr. Qiang then became a postdoctoral research associate of the medium energy group led by Prof. Haiyan Gao at Duke University.  He got involved in many ground breaking physics programs including the mapping of the neutron transverse momentum dependent parton distributions. In early 2010, Dr. Qiang accepted an offer to became a permanent staff scientist at Jefferson Lab Hall D.  He is currently building the diamond polarized photon radiator and the barrel calorimeter readout for the Hall D GlueX program whose goal is to discover the gluonic excitations in light hybrid meson states through real photo-production for the first time.