Chris Walter Racks Up More Frequent Flier Miles

Thursday, August 5, 2010

This summer, Prof. Chris Walter has traveled to Japan, South Dakota, Greece, Japan, Chicago, and is now back in Japan. He is pulling a shift right now at the Super-Kamiokande experiment, which is a Cherenkov neutrino detector that consists of 50,000 tons of water in an underground tank. The experiment has to be observed 24 hours a day, so all the collaborating scientists take turns doing so. In a couple of weeks, Walter will head to Tokai, Japan for a meeting about the Tokai-to-Kamioka (T2K) experiment, in which a beam of neutrinos from J-PARC in Tokai is directed toward the Super-K detector, more than 150 miles away. Prof. Kate Scholberg and graduate students Josh Albert and Taritree Wongjirad will also be in attendance.