Behringer and Leadbetter Conduct Science Outreach

Monday, April 23, 2012

Prof. Bob Behringer and Lab Administrator Derek Leadbetter did some exciting science outreach during the month of March. On March 7th, Bob--with Derek behind the scenes--and Profs. Warren Warren and Ken Lyle from Chemistry presented a program "Science Magic" to 70 Duke Campus Club members. Campus Club is an organization of women involved in one way or another with Duke (faculty, faculty wives, staff, volunteers, etc.). Some of the comments after the show from those who attended:

  • "The whole event was so much fun--and full of magic! What a lot of time Bob and Warren and their colleagues and students donated for us!"
  • "The show was just terrific!  Boband Warren and their cohorts really know how to entertain. For someone like me whose last science experience was 50 years ago, it was amazing. Kudos and many thanks to the great performers!"

Highlights of the show were Bob propelling himself across the room on a "rocket," diffracting glasses, and liquid nitrogen ice cream.

On March 16th, both Bob and Derek led a demonstration of science feats to a group of volunteers from the Duke Hospital Auxiliary. Again, the group was amazed at what they saw and had lots of questions. On March 22nd, Bob with Derek's help behind the scenes, presented a similar program at Pathways Elementary School in Orange County for 60 children between the ages of 5 and 10. When asked what was the favorite thing, the 5th graders said, "The pig in the parabolic mirror." The kindergartners wrote thank you letters.  Here is what one said: "Dear Dr. Behringer, I glad you here for you do cool stuf. It was asm. We liket wen you was on the rocet. Luf yor stuf.