Alumni Profile Collection

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Browse through our collection of stories about alumni of both our undergraduate and graduate programs at Duke Physics. Keep in touch! Email us with your news.

  • Sheila Brown Bailey, undergrad 1967, is a photovoltaic researcher at NASA’s Glenn Research Center.
  • Joshua Bienfang, undergrad 1994, is a physicist at the National Institute for Standards and Technology.
  • Roger Byrd, PhD 1978, designs satellite instruments and software to detect nuclear testing, Sandia National Laboratory.
  • Susan Clark, undergrad 2004, is a postdoc at the Joint Quantum Institute between University of Maryland and the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
  • Chris De Pree, undergrad 1988, teaches undergraduates and writes books at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia.
  • Nasser Demir, PhD 2010, is an assistant professor in physics, Kuwait University.
  • Colleen Fitzpatrick, PhD 1983, has been a small business owner, both as a physicist and a genealogist. Here and here.
  • Jacob Foster, undergrad 2003, earned a PhD in physics and is now a postdoc in the sociology department at the University of Chicago.
  • John Gibson, undergrad 1951, had a career in the Air Force, and did operations and economics research.
  • Calvin Howell, PhD 1984, is a Duke Physics professor and director of TUNL. Here and here.
  • Kyozi Kawasaki, PhD 1959, won the Boltzmann Medal in 2001.
  • Le Luo, PhD 2008, is an assistant professor at IUPUI.
  • Christopher Lester, undergrad 2008, won a DOE Fellowship.
  • Gary Lunsford, undergrad 1962, is a senior process improvement consultant ARINC Engineering Services.
  • Ariana Minot, undergrad 2010, is an NSF Graduate Fellow.
  • Leslie Molony, undergrad 1975, is an executive in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Bryon Neufeld, PhD 2009, is a postdoc in the Nuclear Theory Division at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Here and here.
  • Xin Qian, PhD 2010, is a Millikan Fellow at Caltech.
  • Will Sager, undergrad 1976, is a professor of oceanography and geophysics at Texas A&M.
  • Jay Strader, undergrad 2002, is a Hubble Fellow at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.
  • Scott Wilburn, PhD 1993, is Los Alamos program manager for the DOE office of nuclear physics.
  • Scott Zoldi, PhD 1998, is VP of analytic science at FICO.