68 Duke Presentations at the APS March Meeting

Friday, April 12, 2013

Duke University was well represented at the annual APS March Meeting this year: 60 contributed presentations plus 8 invited talks. The APS bills the March Meeting as "the largest physics meeting in the world, focusing on research from industry, universities, and major labs." Using the “affiliation” search function, here is a webpage with a list of all of our papers. You can see that a wide variety of work from several departments at Duke is represented. In particular, the invited talks were: Prof. Patrick Charbonneau: Session M42.00001 "High-dimensional surprises neat the glass and the jamming transitions" Postdoctoral Associate Joshua Dijksman: Session Z2.00004 "Dilatancy and Diffusion in Sheared Granular Materials" Prof. Henry Everitt: Session C23.00001 "Highly Efficient Defect Emission from ZnO:Zn and ZnO:S Powders" Prof. Gleb Finkelstein: Session Y1.00003 "Observation of Majorana-like Behavior at the Quantum Critical Point in a Resonant Level Coupled to a Dissipative Environment" Prof. Martin Fischer of the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences: Session U11.00001 "Optical pump-probe microscopy for biomedicine and art conservation" Prof. Robert Jackson of the Nicholas School at Duke: Session F9.00003 "Environmental Dimensions of Shale Gas Extraction and Stray Gas Migration" Prof. Gabriel Lopez of Duke Biomedical Engineering: Session Y34.00001 "Acoustic Microfluidics for Bioanalytical Application" Prof. Benjamin Yellen of Duke Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science: Session N10.00002 "Binary Colloidal Superlattices Assembled by Magnetic Fields"