Links for Dan Gauthier's Group


These are links we have found useful for our research and teaching.


Duke Offices
Funding Agencies
Optics Companies
Used Equipment Sellers

Duke Offices


Funding Agencies

Air Force Office of Scientific Research
The National Institute of Health
The National Science Foundation (also FastLane)
Office of Naval Research
The Whitaker Foundation
The U.S. Army Research Office

Optics Companies

Thorlabs (general optics)
New Focus (general optics)
Melles Griot (general optics)
Boulder Nonlinear Systems

(liquid crystal spatial light modulators - they have a 512 x 512 device - we haven't tried it yet)

Karl Lambrecht (polarization optics)
Omega Optical Inc. (interference filters)
Hamamatsu (detectors)
EXFO (purchased Burleigh) (optical characterizaton)
IntraAction Corp. (acousto-optic devices)
Isomet (acousto-optic devices)
Coherent (lasers)

Used Equipment Sellers

Bid Services - vacuum, electronics


Gluesfor attaching windows to UHV vacuum systems or for making potassium vapor cells - you need to find the glues that pass the NASA low outgassing specification

Master Bond Inc.(adhesives, sealants, & coatings)
We haven't used these yet, but the do have a wide range of glues and epoxies that pass the low outgassing specification.


We have used these gluex/epoxies with good success both in making vapor cells and in the UHV systems
Tra-bond 2116 130 C operating temp, Tra-bond 2130 125 C operating temp, Tra-bond 2151 ("blue glue")  115 C operating temp, Tra-bond 2254   205 C operating temp, requires 100 C cure

Other interesting epoxies

Supertherm 2005 115 C operating temp, Supertherm 816H01  115 C operating temp

Apex Microtechnology Corp (high voltage and high power operational amplifiers)
E.N. Murray (acoustic dampling/isolation) singlemat with:
  2 lb polyester foam (good density for general frequencies),  lead barrier (flexible, holds form, easy to cut),
  no adhesive, 1/2" thick (thinnest available), use 3M's Super 77 aerosol adhesive
The Magnet Source (magnets)
Lytron (Cooling systems and components)
Sorbothane (vibration isolation) available in 24"x24" sheets
Trace Sciences International (isotopes)
Triad Technologies, Inc.
Vapor Cells (haven't tried these yet - Cesium, Rubidium, Potassium) Procurement Form

Physics Research Seminar