Duke Physics Colloquium: The Proton Radius: Are We Really Still Puzzled?

Wednesday, April 25, 2018 - 4:30pm

Evangeline J. Downie (George Washington University)

"The Proton Radius: Are We Really Still Puzzled?"

In 2010, the CREMA collaboration reported their measurement of the proton radius using muonic hydrogen spectroscopy, which was far more precise than, but completely incompatible with, the accepted value. This has become known as the "Proton Radius Puzzle." As possible explanations of the puzzle include violations of lepton universality or other new physics, the community has been rapidly making new measurements, fits and theoretical calculations to resolve the puzzle. Eight years on, and a wealth of new theories and experiments later, are we still puzzled? I will review the ongoing efforts to resolve the puzzle, with a particular focus on the MUon proton Scattering Experiment at PSI.

Faculty host: Calvin Howell

Coffee and cookies will be available before the event in room 128.

Watch this event's recording here.

Physics 128

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