3D Ideal Hydro Evolution

As a service to the RHIC community we provide here the time evolution files of the Duke group's 3D hydrodynamic model for download. Note that these files are provided as is and the supplied read-in program is only to be considered a framework to built upon. You may use these files for your own scientific work. By downloading them, however, you agree to give proper reference to the following paper(s) in all publications which utilize the information in these files or are derived from such work.

The time evolution data contained in the files have all been calculated using the parameters described in the above publication. You can use the figures from there as a cross-check on whether your processing program for the evolution is working properly.

Structure of the files (RHIC evolution)

The output is segmented into three files

  1. a file T1X which contains the coordinate space information (x,y and space-time rapidity eta) for all cells, sequential in cell-index and time-step. The cell-index is calculated from the x, y and eta-indices IX, IY and IZ characterizing the 3D-grid in the following way:

    IN = 1 + IX + MAX_X*(IY + MAX_Y*IZ)

    For the current files a grid of dimension MAX_X=69, MAX_Y=69 and MAX_Z=69 was used. Note that the 3D-hydro code utilizes a Lagrangian gid, i.e. the cells expand as a function of time and change their location. Therefore the proper knowledge and treatment of the cell boundaries as expressed in the coordinates of this file is crucial for the understanding of the time-evolution data.

  2. a file T1V for the flow velocities in each of these directions (x, y and eta), with the same order as for the coordinates (beware: due to the Lagrangian formulation, the transformation beta's in and out of the local restframe are non-trivial to derive)
  3. a file T1T containing the temperature, chemical potential (both in inverse fermi) as well as the fraction of QGP fluid and a phase-id, again with the same sorting-order as for the coordinates.

In addition each of these files has once more been sub-divided into four time-step groups in order to further reduce its individual size: T1X,T1V and T1T contain the first 500 time-steps, T2X,T2V and T2T the second 500 time-steps, T3X,T3V and T3T the subsequent 1000 time-steps and T4X,T4V and T4T the final 1000 time-steps. A framework for reading in the information contained in the files can be found in the thisprogram (click here for the file containing the common-blocks).

3D Hydro time evolution files: